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OKC Chapter of Jack & Jill donates to Positive Tomorrows



Oklahoma City, September 9, 2014-The Oklahoma City Chapter of Jack and Jill of America recently made a significant donation to Positive Tomorrows, the sole elementary school in Oklahoma City specifically meeting the needs of homeless children and their families.  Channeled through its youth charitable program entitled “Positive Change for Loose Change”, Jack and Jill youth members across the nation collected “spare” coins through local chapter contributions. This initiative exposes youth to philanthropy while contributing to a deserving organization such as Positive Tomorrows.  


Positive Tomorrows was selected by Jack and Jill due to its outstanding service and the special attention given to the needs of homeless children and families.  It is an accredited tuition free, private school, which focuses on multiple learning styles and arts- integration techniques.  Their mission is to break the cycle of homelessness through education.  ”Whether you see a child or parent walking through our door we don’t judge them, we use that opportunity to teach them” says Rachel Durham, communications and volunteer manager.


The local chapter of Jack and Jill experienced the dynamic services that Positive Tomorrow renders.  Upon entering the school, the loving and caring spirit engulfed the members. As the tour progressed, the mission became evident through classroom exploration and facility amenities.  The most endearing feature was the Clothes Closet. Symbolically standing alone in the mist of administrative offices, it was outfitted with new clothes and shoes for all children’s sizes. Children are allowed to shop for items so that they can eliminate the barrier of needing clothes in order to focus on learning.   It truly epitomizes what Positive Tomorrows’ stands for: the gift of education to a homeless child.


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